SafetyXpress Stromberg manufactures and supplies roadblock and traffic control solutions in South Africa, various countries in Africa and the Middle East
Our Vehicle Check Point products include Expanding Barriers, Portable Speed Bumps and Portable Stop Signs

Vehicle Check Point

F u t u r a   E x p a n d i n g    B a r r i e r
- Uses: Vehicle Check Point, Access Control, Cordon of areas
- Multi-purpose Barrier
- Expands to 5meters
- Compact
- Reflective for added night visibility
- Optional signage available: eg: STOP, Check Point
- Only 25kgs
X p r e s s   B u m p
- Deploy in 60 seconds
- Bright Yellow for Visibility
- Only 13 kg
- Uses: Vehicle Check Points, Construction zones
- Portable speed calming ramp

3 i n 1   C o m b o
- Lightweight
- Reflective
- Interchangeable
- Customized signs
- Multiple signs in a single system