Stromberg Caltrop Products

S t r o m b e r g   C a l t r o p   S e r i e s
- Stop a High Speed Pursuit
- Uses: Roadblock and Check Point Control, Stakeouts, Border Posts Control
- Deflates tyres quickly
- Quick and easy to deploy
- Stop vehicles safely and quickly
- Lightweight, compact and robust solutions
- Air rushes out through spikes
- Stop vehicles in shortest distance
S t r o m b e r g   C a l t r o p
- Sizes: 5m, 7.5m
- Ideal for: Roadblock and Checkpoints
- Remote deployment
- Replacement spike system
- Soft Carry Bag
S t r o m b e r g   C a l t r o p   P u r s u i t
- Sizes: 3m, 5m
- Roll-up system
- Throw out deployment
- Ideal for: high speed pursuits or stakeout
- Replacement spike system

S t r o m b e r g   C a l t r o p   P a t r o l
- Patrol vehicle unit
- Size: 500mm
- Replacement spike cartridge system
- Ideal for: Routine vehicle checks, stakeouts, suspect vehicles

S t r o m b e r g   C a l t r o p   B a r r i e r
Sizes: 4m, 6m
- Multi-purpose Barrier
- Barrier fitted spikes deflate tyre in shortest distances
- Replaceable spikes
- Compact
- Reflective for added night visibility
- Optional signage available: eg: STOP, Check Point
- Uses: Vehicle Check Point, Access Control, Border Posts and Security Installations
- Ideal for Vehicle Checkpoint, Roadblock, Security Installations, VIP Buildings and Compounds
S t r o m b e r g   C a l t r o p   R i p p e r
- Temporary or permanent applications
- Quick and easy to install
- Supplied in 1m sections